February 11, 2009

Same Same But Different

There are heaps of posts about Originals and Versions, about Remixes and Remakes, about Sampling and Thievery out there. Posts that present and discuss original versions of tracks alongside their copies. Or the classic funk&soul tune next to the Hiphop beat that contains its sample. Sometimes it's interesting to come across a tune and think: I KNOW that melody from somewhere. But then you are sent a .rar file with ALL the tracks that have EVER been sampled by the Beastie Boys and you go: Shit, who's doing all this? Collecting all that stuff must take years, and most of the tracks are not even recognisable.

I would like to keep my selection rather arbitrary and minimal. Just like they come into my mind, I will post Doppelgänger-tunes in erratic intervals. There will be familiar Jazz melodies on Hiphop instrumentals, Rock bands performing Techno tracks and Belgian Trance producers using a Burmese military flute solo to add some extra flavor to their bumbum. (Yes, I'm kidding!)

To make this post distinguishable from all the other 'Original vs. Sample' entries, I'd like YOU to vote for your favourite tune. There's a cute little COMMENT BOX just below every post that can be used for that reason.

To begin with, I'll present a track named Street Player performed by Chicago, plus what The Bucketheads made out of it. Decide for yourself!

February 07, 2009

Gipsy Battle: Philly vs. Chiemgau

Greetings, friend.

On stage for our "Off the record" Gipsy Battle:
THE MAGNIFICENT MAN MAN from Philadelphia! 
Call it Gipsy Jazz or Experimental Rock, dance to it and go
totally ballistic. There ain't no holdin' back.

The band started in 2003 and consists of a bunch of strange 
guys with funny names. When they're not touring, they teach drums in Philly (ring them for an offer) or try to make music with "squeaky toys and pots and spoons and cap guns and chopsticks and old shoes and fruit and stuffed frogs" as they confess on their site. Mad brothers for real - and real mad music. In a good sense.

And all the way from Chiemgau, Bavaria, Germany: 

The Chiemgau-Boys Hans, Olli, Sepp, Yosi and Manu name their influences Bavarian, Punk, Gipsy, Balkan and Brass. Can you imagine? I mean, come on..."Bavarian"? Is that a joke? Hmm..I guess it's not. They all studied (!!!) their instruments, except of that one crazy fella Olli that moved down to Bavaria from Berlin for music. Courageous move.

Here's some extra nourishment for ya, from LaBrassBanda's terrific debut album HABEDIEEHRE.

La Brass Banda Autobahn

(In case you wonder what these guys are talking about...no worries, it's Bavarian...not understandable at all)

Enjoy the videos, words and music and please be so kind 
TO LEAVE A COMMENT so that we know how we're doing.

Cheers, SR

February 03, 2009

♣ shop.stop ♣

i got the fatback band "yum yum" album and finally found "city life" by the blackbyrds including their hit "rock creek park". the cameo "word up" 12" i came across by accident.
cheers. the db.

the blackbyrds "hash & eggs"
the fatback band "feed me your love"
cameo "word up"

February 02, 2009

Spiderman italiano

Congratulations. You won a week in 
supper-hero-circus. Tonight's supper-hero 
goes by the name of THE ITALIAN SPIDERMAN. 
To some of you he might seem familiar...
but I bet you never saw him cool like dat.

Enjoy the vibe!

Spiderman schwing (after supper late nite snack)