January 27, 2009

India sounds...

Don't ask me to explain this post. It just happened. A friend of 
mine sent me this picture of a young Shiva boy and I thought: 
Right...let's do a special on Indian tunes. Or should I say: on 
India-related tunes. Or just on This-picture-related tunes. Well...

January 20, 2009

every season - toppits of `08 // part II

x Disco Berger - intro//skit
x Bodi Bill - One Or Two
x Eddie Kendricks - My People Hold On
x Evil Nine - All The Cash
x Johnny Blaze - Walk On ft. Redman
x Mighty Joseph - Rock-It-Science
x Murs - Time Is Now (feat. Snoop Dogg)
x Peter Fox - Lok Auf 2 Beinen
x Q-Tip - Poetry ft. Erykah-Badu
x Sky King - Why don`t You Take Us
x The Roots - I Can´t Help It

Three of these songs were not originally released in 2008. 
Quoted in Erykah Badu`s "My People", Eddie Kendricks 
"My People Hold On" was originally released in 1972.
Second, Q-Tips "Poetry". "Open The Mixtape - 
Abstract Innovations" was (pre-)released 2007 and again 
released in `08 as "Abstract Innovations".
Third is Sky King with "Why Don`t You Take Us". Released 
in 1975 on the album "Secret Sauce" Mr.Thing put it on the 
beautiful compilation "Strange Games and Mr. Thing" released 
in 2008 on bbe.

January 18, 2009

Liam Finn

Video: Liam Finn Second Chance

Born in the early 80s in Melbourne as the son of Neil Finn
(Crowded House), Liam moved to New Zealand with his 
family at a young age. His father's musical career strongly 
influenced Liam in his decision to become a singer. After 
playing with his band Betchadupa for more than 10 years 
in London, Auckland and Melbourne, he recorded his first 
solo album in 2007, named I'll Be Lightning.

Here are two songs of that album, Second Chance and 
Shadow Of Your Man. While Second Chance is one of 
the wickedest, most danceable tunes of the album with 
its high-pitched drumloop, Shadow Of Your Man simply 
plucks your heartstrings. It reminds me of the more 
melancholic Oasis songs, probably Liam's British influence 
during the years he lived in London.

By the end of 2007 I was lucky enough to get tickets for 
his sold-out Auckland show. And I tell you: the guy is crazy. 
He jumps around on stage like a wizard, plays a bit of bass 
here, some guitar there, hits the drums, operates the sampler, 
grabs the mic...it's been an admirable one-man-show.
So, enjoy the tunes but be aware that only on stage you'll 
receive the right impression of his incredible skills as a 
musician. Better go get tickets for his show!

January 17, 2009

José James

"José James is defining a new direction in contemporary music, combining urban blues, hip-hop, soul, drum'n'bass, and straight-ahead to produce a sound that is fresh as tomorrow yet deeply rooted in the tradition of jazz."

Signed by Gilles 'gold digger' Peterson for his Brownswood label, the highly gifted young singer recorded his first album The Dreamer in January 08. His voice and style of singing appear to come from a time long gone; he proceeds with the tradition in which Jazz legends such as Gil Scott-Heron and Al Jarreau used to perform their songs. The video above shows his track Park Bench People from said album, a remake of Freestyle Fellowship's homonymous tune from 1993. This song highlights all of James' different facets: there is Soul, there's Jazz, there's Blues and R'n'B and Hip-Hop, a truly felicitous blend.

Download album

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January 12, 2009


2008 was a good year. For Music.

Not only were we pampered by Q-tip's Renaissance and Common's Universal Mind Control (which, unfortunately, turned out to be a bit too pop in some parts) hip-hop-wise, by Benga's brilliant Dubstep performance on Diary of an Afro Warrior and Andy Stott's Dubtechno exercise Unknown Exception, we also had Erykah Badu explain her New Amerykah, while Flying Lotus gave props to his hometown Los Angeles. Four Tet rang the bells on Ringer before Butch came along with his Papillon, and Jamie Lidell introduced us to Jim. But the biggest surprise happened to be Portishead, who brought us their Third album as if nothing had happened in the last 11 years. Actions speak louder than words.

Enjoy these. More tunes of 08 coming soon.

Sunday night, stay in

take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable, relax, make some tea, 
calm down, mellow out, get into your rocking chair, think about nothing,

and listen to this beautiful piece of music:

SCSI-9 Moses' Tale

When you're done, go here
and tell Maxim and Anton
how much you enjoyed
their tune. Good night.