May 25, 2009


27-year-old Israeli musician Ophir Kutiel aka Kutiman puts together samples of Youtube videos and creates whole new tracks by doing so. This seems to be the future of sampling, as no single person needs to be asked for permission when using his or her material. Kutiel named his website, where one can watch his collages, and thanked all the artists he sampled, in a short video of himself. Importantly to mention, he places special emphasis on the artists’ work used, and takes a backseat himself.  

Here’s one of his brilliant video cuts, available on…guess what: Youtube! 

May 21, 2009

Chico Hamilton & José James

Chico Hamilton: a great figure in Jazz music. An incredible drummer. Released more than 50 albums to his name. Played with the likes of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald. The man will turn 88 this year and he's still not tired of playing and recording new music.

José James: a 26-year-old Jazz singer/Hip-Hop MC from Brooklyn, NYC. One of the most interesting novices in Jazz music. He got international attention in 2008 with his debut album 'The Dreamer'. For more information check out my January post on José.

Now the two recorded a track named 'Lazy Afternoon' which appears on Hamilton's new album 'Twelve Tones Of Love". Hamilton, who could in fact be James' great-granddad, assists the youngster with a gentle, pointedly modest style of drumming on this tune. James' crystal clear voice is capable of filling the deliberatly left space. No other instruments. Only drums and vocals. Brilliant!

Lazy Afternoon  by Chico Hamilton & José James

You should also check out this track from 'Twelve Tones Of Love'. 'Penthouse A' is a good example of a groovy, laid-back piece of Jazz music. This record is definitely worth buying.

Penthouse A by Chico Hamilton

May 13, 2009


The Hang (or Hang Drum as it is often referred to) is a 
tuned steel idiophone developed in Switzerland in 2000.

Buying one of these doesn't exactly seem to be the 
easiest thing on earth. They only get produced by ONE 
company (2 people), which are the same guys who 
created the instrument in the first place. Rumors spread 
you have to pay up to 6000$ on the blackmarket (ebay) order directly and wait for...ahemm...a long 
time before you can get one. Contact by letter only. 
More information is available here

Still, the Hang produces some of the most amazing 
sounds I've ever listened to. Watch the video and judge 
for yourself.

May 11, 2009

Standard Plus

Anyone heard of Standard Plus yet? 

They only caught my attention a couple of weeks back when I listened to one of their tunes on the radio. I always do that when I'm driving. There's this one good radio station that consistently provides me with beautiful fresh new music.  So I was driving around in the car and suddenly started to pogo around and sing along when that song came on. It took me a mail and some waiting before I was told the band's name and what the tune was called.

A few days later I requested their www-friendship and the guys were so kind to send me that tune. Perfect! 

There's not much information I could gather from their myspace. But then again: What do you need to know if the music is fantastic? At least this: They are 4 guys from Cologne/Germany playing  a decent blend of Punk, Indie and Pop. Their lyrics are as funny as  their music is serious. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths & Voice are Standard Plus' ingredients for a savoury musical recipe.

Here's the video for Kinski, the track I was talking about:

Buy it here!