June 30, 2009

May He Rest In Peace

The King Of Pop passed away last weekend and after days of sorrow and sustained consumption of Jacko videos, songs and blog-posts I decided to enqueue in the row of obituaries. However, as everything has already been said about his life, his music and his death, I solely post my five favourite MJ songs here, plus a rmx of one of his tracks. It's been an extremly difficult choice to make, for example I neglected the complete Thriller album...sheer madness. You might argue that five is a ridiculous number, I know, but I just reckon that a choice of ten or more favourites wouldn't have made my decision much easier.

One of my all-time favourites is his 'We're almost There' from 1975. Below you find a tenderly assembled youtube video of the track.

One of the greatest dance numbers ever is 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough'. I simply love it. This is the original demo version from 1978. Sounds a bit bumpy but even more interesting than the final version as you can hear a cowbell for a start, people laughing, Michael talking, the band playing...

'They Don't Care About Us' has got this incredible rhythm pattern. Every time after I listened to the track I'm walking around beatboxing this rhythm for hours. It gets so stuck in your head. Reason enough to include the song in my list.

Simple message, great song. Unfortunately people haven't listened to 'Man In The Mirror' often enough yet. The video shows a live performance from what I believe is Jacko's Dangerous tour. I chose it because I went to see his show on this same tour in 1992. Memories all over.

'Another Part Of Me' is a monster of a dance track. The Extended Dance Version below with its wind section brings matters to a head.

Last but not least there's a rmx of 'The Way You Make Me Feel' from MJ's BAD album. I made it a couple of years ago together with a friend of mine.

In my opinion - as in the opinion of many - Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of all times and downright my favourite musician, singer and dancer. Or, in other words:

Michael Jackson is dead, long live Michael Jackson!

Ugly Dog(ling)

June 19, 2009

long time no sea/destino tropical!

I guess you all know this feeling when you haven't been to a beach for a while (except for those of you who live by the shore, lucky b***s). It's not too bad as long as there is rain and grey skies. You hardly think of oceans when you look into the ill-humoured, plainted winter faces of your neighbours. But then comes spring and with the rising temperatures you remember the good things: barbecues, frisbee, outdoor music....and beaches. The gravity of the oceans becomes stronger with every TV-spot ("Come to Greece/Indonesia/Brazil-the place where you can have all: sun, beautiful people & excellent food!") until you can hold it no more and begin to plan your trip. That's the situation right now. I haven't really decided for a travel destination yet but have selected a couple of tunes that will escort my trip. If anyone out there would like to recommend a place...please feel free and use THE COMMENT BOX. In the meantime: Enjoy!

June 11, 2009


As you folks have probably realised, Propellor has got a brandnew header. Blue n white, fresh n icy. Nice. To mark the occasion, I let you have a small selection of brandnew and not so brandnew (but still kinda new) tunes. Cool tracks that fit the look. Bon appetit!

Paul Kalkbrenner Aaron

Aaron is from Kalkbrenner's 'Berlin Calling' OST. A tune perfectly suited for a summer sunset. Check out the complete soundtrack here. Great music. 

Simply piano. A yeah! Get Martyn's Bittersweet Mix of Acid Bells here.

Micachu is one of my favourite bands. Whatever they touch turns into gold. Their Radio Ladio RMX combines weird Asian-like sounds with a massive bassdrum. Bamm! More on Micachu here.