January 07, 2010

adieu 2009 / pro:pel:lors Top 64

2009 is over. Time for a résumé, in a musical way. Below, you find a selection of my favourite tracks in this last year, a purely personal choice. Comments are heartily welcome - and so are additions.

All links are for listening purpose and will be up for 3 days max. I really do consider my listing a way to promote my favourite artists, so if you enjoy a tune, please be so good and buy it (that's what the buy link is for!!!) Buy more of it. Go to their shows. And have a fantastic 2010!

Dom Kennedy Showtime! (myspace)

Best Hip Hop tune in 09. I mean: how dégagé is this guy? Rhymes, fizzy like a glas of Dom Perignon, laid-back beats and a sample....so fresh!

Daniel Stefanik is known to be one of the best German House music producers. With this piece he's in the running for the best German House music remixer.

Floating Points Truly (buy)

Magnificent track. I love this slow groove that builds up over time.

The XX released one of the best albums in 2009. "Crystalised" is only one gem out of many.

Hudson Mohawke Rising 5 (buy)

Cool new shit on one of the best record labels of all times: WARP.

Another convincing work by H.M. I fancied the original a couple of years back. But this one is even better!

The Herbaliser Band Mr Chombee has the Flow (buy)

In 2009, Part II of The Herbaliser sessions finally came out. Mr Chombee cuts the cheese!

Moody(man) feat. José James Desire (buy)

When I first read about this constellation, I thought it was a joke. Two geniuses, two of my absolute idols, together on one track??? The result is incredible, absolutely. This is 21. century Jazz.

Jamie T 368 (.com)

This guy is just so diverse. Massive new album!!

One of the most touching songs of the last year, thanks to Beck's voice. "I need your loving like the sunshine". A perfect excuse to be lovesick.

Uh yeah...summertime. Jazzy, funky Hip Hop mash-up. Massive!

Henrik Schwarz: this man is unbelievable. Whatever he releases is just brilliant. I dig this tune! (By the way: what the hell is the guy on the picture supposed to be representing??)

I love these rattling percussions and Jungle-kinda-bleeps. Has anyone yet found a name for this?

I played this tune heaps last year. It's absolutely hypnotising with those tribal rythms and chants. Killer!

Dan M & James Braun Lessons I (buy)

Willie Graff & Tuccillo Do it (buy)

Taron-Trekka Krass und Zick (buy)

Motorcity Drum Ensemble Lonely One (buy)

"Not everyone understands House Music - it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing!"'Nuff said!

Joy Orbison Wet Look (buy)

What a f***king MONSTER!!!!

"Somebody call the doctor" Immediately! This is the got the good voodoo!

The two Berlin youngsters played one amazing live show after the other in 2009. "Positiver Lichtreflex" is my favourite tune among their many gems. Chapeau!

Everyone listen up! This is how you turn a nice pop tune into a mean dubby beast! Woooooooo!

Daisuke Tanabe Coil (buy)

My favourite Japanese producer with another masterstroke. Big Tune!

Asaf Avidan & the Mojos Reckoning Song (buy)

Janis Joplin is alive. Or at least she continues to perform in the body of Asaf Avidan. One of the most amazing shows I've been to in 09. You have to see them live!

Linn & Freddie Blip Blop (buy)

Whatever this guy touches as Freddie Cruger, Red Astaire or together with Linn turns to gold. It's fucking unbelievable. This has long been my favourite track last year. A masterpiece!

Stefon Harris Blues for Denial (buy)

Stefon Harris has long been in the business, but I only discovered him in 2009. What a shame! This is beautiful timeless Jazz music.

The original is pretty cool, but Holy Ghost! put the lid on it. It's golden!

Animal Collective Brothersport (buy)

This was by far my best concert in 2009. Words fail me to describe the energy, craziness and expertise Animal Collective manage to combine on stage. If they ever come close to where you are: GO GO GO to see them!

2009 was an elusive year: new longplayers by all my favourite musicians: Fink, Fat Freddy's Drop, Whitest Boy Alive and Kings of Convenience. That's like superjackpot total. Can this year be 2009 again, please?

Whitest Boy Alive Island (buy)

Kings of Convenience Peacetime Resistance (buy)

Fat Freddy's Drop The Raft (buy)

Christian Löffler Silent Night (buy)

Steffen Kirchhoff Volver (buy)

2009 saw the rise of two incredibly talented musicians from Greifswald/Germany and the rise of our beloved Ki Record label. With their releases, Christian and Steffen both contributed to make 2009 a very successful year for us. Steffen's "Inside EP" and Christian's "Heights EP" are packed with excellent tunes rooted in the Deep House section. "Volver" and "Silent Night" are my favourites among these brilliant tunes. Keep it up, boys!

Harmonic 313 Flaash (buy)

Everyone keeps talking about Electro these days. In the meantime the term Electro is substitutionally used for all kinds of electronic dance music (as it happened to be the case with Techno a while ago). These two tracks above represent what I believe to be Electro. Rosbif comes round all classy, producing the French talk, while Harmonic 313 adds a good dash of 303. Aaaciidddd!

Major Lazor are Diplo and Switch. Anything to add? Guess not.

Oh boy, I love slow-rollin' Disco tracks. "Night Flight" takes so long to develop and build up, and suddenly Stevie is there to take the biscuit!!!

Micachu & The Shapes Lips (buy)

Micachu - you are the bravest. And the coolest. And the smartest.

"I was born in a system that doesn't give fuck about you nor me...no lie!" This tune is completely insane!

Florence and the Machine Cosmic Love (buy)

That's by far the most touching song I listed. Depending on your condition it can either make you feel like the saddest person on earth or bursting with strength.

Jazzanova feat. Ben Westbeech I can see (DCUP Rmx) (?)

An exceptional year for Discoman DCUP. These two were his best releases. Man, I dig these tunes!

Ben Klock feat. Elif Bicer OK (Kenny Larkin Rmx) (buy)

Simply graceful, powerful and beautiful. Perfect to start a night with!

Miike Snow Silvia (buy)

My favourite band at the moment. 2010 will be their year. I hope but also fear that they'll end up where La Roux and Gossip already are.

Mayer Hawthorne and the County Just ain't gonna work out (buy)

Mayer Hawthorne is by far the smartest soulman right now. He learned his 70s lessons!

Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo Jamaican Girls (myspace)

DR ALBAN IS BACK!!! Long live the 90s! Thank you Terry Lynn and Johan Hugo. This is the best dancehall tune of 2009.

Boy 8 Bit is UK's finest producer at the moment. Wicked tunes all over. Fantastic work!

Bernard Badie Move to the Beat (buy)

Mojuba Records have a knock for bouncing House tracks. This is one of their finest!

Burial & Four Tet Moth (buy)

Incredible tune! This is what has to come out when two of the most versatile producers of our time get together. Massive!

"In for the Kill" has long been my favourite track in 2009. Unbelievable. Chromeo's original version of "Night by Night" is magic, and so is Skream's Rmx. I can't quite decide which one I like better.

Felix Da Housecat Kickdrum (buy)

Woooaaaaa....what the f**k is this? By far THE MEANEST bassline I listened to in a long time. Killer!

If this is 21. century pop music, I will from now on tell everybody that I love pop music. Yeah!

Minimal House or Minimal Techno? Doesn't matter. This is excellent peaktime shit!

I L.O.V.E. T.H.I.S.!!!

The Invisible Monster's Waltz (buy)

The Invisible have to be seen live. They perform with such a dedication and gratitude. A superb band.

One of the best gigs I went to last year. Wild Beasts are an amazing band. Their whole "Two Dancers" album is simply fantastic!