March 26, 2009

iN tHe MiX V: dJ FiNgeR bRuTaL

Mix Sessions Part 5: House & Lovesongs

dJ FiNgeR bRuTaL MinT 500 (DL)

Intro Welcome/Rouge

Stereotyp Keeping Me (Fauna Flash RMX)

The Sunburst Band   Man of War (Henrik Schwarz RMX)
Elton John Are You Ready For Love (Freeform Reform RMX)

Nick Curly  Happy Five

DOP The Genius Of The Crowd
Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner Sky and Sand

Animal Collective My Girls

Hildegard Knef Ich Liebe Euch (DJ Koze RMX)

March 22, 2009

iN tHe MiX IV: dJ Connect-I-Cut

Mix Sessions Part 4: Drum'n'Bass : HipHop : Breaks

dJ Connect-I-Cut Yo Habibi (DL)


Mr Scruff Test The Sound

Ben Westbeech Get Closer

Sly & Robbie Right Stuff Dub

Roots Manuva The Show Must Go On

Brother Ali Uncle Sam Goddamn

Chris Inperspective Biffy's Not Here

Flying Lotus Bad Actors 

Los Angeles Negros El Rey y Yo

Kolab Super Easy

Afu-Ra Sucka Free

DJ Day Four Hills

Nina Gordon Straight Out Of Compton

March 19, 2009

iN tHe MiX III: dJ FiNgeR bRuTaL

Mix Sessions Part 3: Deephouse: Garage: Dub

dJ FinGeR bRuTaL MinT 400 (DL)

Cee-Mix Com-Unique-Ation

Efdemin  America

Somore What You Want (Phil Week's Rob Soul Mix)

Burial Archangel (Boy 8-Bit RMX)

Nina Simone See Line Woman (&Me Rework)

Sven Weisemann Kiss Of Abana

Federleicht On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse RMX)

Butch About This Time

Com'on...gimme a break!

Turntable Solo (Kid Koala)

Turntable Duo (Kid Koalas Kids?)

Turntable Trio (Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Steinski)

Turntable Quartet (Birdy Nam Nam)

Turntables & Drums

_____________________________CAN DOWNLOAD::::::::



Turntables & Violine

March 14, 2009

Animal Selective

The ingenious ANIMAL COLLECTIVE with their new album MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILION. Went to see their show last Sunday and was very impressed by their appearance, i.e. their total coolness. They wouldn't introduce the band, neither say hi nor bye. Their music sounded something like pssssccchhhh bumbumtschakk tütütdelüüüü. I loved it. I still do. Judge for yourself:

An older piece by one of my all-time-favs MOCKY. Formerly known for being Jamie Lidell's drummer, among all his other tricks. A musician beyond belief. Can rap, sing, talk, play the drums and probably any other instrument too. This tune is from his last album NAVY BROWN BLUES, which came out in 06.

MINILOGUE are one of the greatest minimal techno duos in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Of course the fellas are Swedish. What else. Never met them personally but heard that their manners are as well developed as their tunes. Below-mentioned track appeared on their first longplayer ANIMALS

Plus: U gotta see this video for one of their tracks on YOUTUBE

Enjoy, SR

March 06, 2009

iN tHe MiX II: dJ Connect-I-Cut

Mix Sessions Part 2: Disco : Oldskool : HipHop

dJ Connect-I-Cut DOHH MIKS (DL)


Linkwood Family Piece of Mind

Gonzales Working Together (Akira The Don RMX)

The Coup My Favorite Mutiny

Rah Band Electric Fling

Instant Music My boy

Kurtis Blow Tough

The Blues Project Flute Thing

Arrested Development Mr Wendal

Joubert Singers Stand on the Word (Hot Coins RMX)

Justin Timberlake My Love (DFA RMX)

Elektrons Get Up (Greg Wilson RMX)

Rekid Spiders

Gwen Guthrie Seventh Heaven